NUX SA-25 25W 3000mAh Rechargeable Bluetooth Acoustic Guitar Speaker - 179.00 €

NUX SA-25 25W 3000mAh Rechargeable Bluetooth Acoustic Guitar Speaker
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Technical specifications
speaker 6.5 inch
Sampling Rate 44.1KhZ
AD / DA conversion accuracy 24bit
Signal processing accuracy 32bit
The headset output 250mW+250mW
The scope Е0(20.60Hz)-C8 (4186Hz)
Tuning reference frequency A4 = 440 hz
Guitar channel input -10dBu/1Mohm
Microphone channel input -30dBu
AUX In input +3dBu
voltage 20V-240VAC,50/60Hz
Rated output power 25W(max)
battery lithium battery 12.6V 3000mAh
volume 280(L)*218(W)*220(H)mm
weight 5KG


SA-25 inherits the classic appearance of NUX (Newx) original sound box. The wooden shell and simple design language make it look more like an elegant work of art.
Whether playing at home or outdoor picnic, the figure of SA-25 will always be the most beautiful touch of color in your photo frame.
For a portable acoustic guitar speaker, while compressing the size as much as possible, the essence of the speaker-sound reinforcement, there is also no compromise.
The SA-25 is only half the size of the SA-40 speaker, but still carries a powerful 6.5-inch full-range speaker. 25w power, 32Bit DSP technology and 44.1Khz high sampling rate bring not only the slightest clarity, but also the perfect sound quality restoration.
We strive for the perfect balance between portability and performance. This inherits the high-standard R & D concept of Wei Ke Technology.
The SA-25 speaker also provides you with two independent channels. Channel 1 corresponds to the guitar input. We have prepared high, middle, and low frequency adjustments and volume adjustments for you. A mute Tuner function allows you to calibrate your guitar at any time. .
In terms of reverberation, the guitar channel directly corresponds to the bus reverberation next to the Master. Using the Reverb knob to control the combined value of the size and depth of the reverberation is simple and convenient.
Channel 2 We have prepared a Combo interface for you, corresponding to your microphone or other instrument input. No matter you use the XLR interface or the two-core interface, you can directly connect, eliminating the trouble of the conversion head. The adjustments we prepared for you are the volume adjustment and the reverb Send adjustment. You can use the Send knob to control the amount of reverberation along the way.
When designing this channel, we compared the dynamic microphones of multiple mainstream brands, and obtained a more accurate equalization range. In your daily use, the microphone can directly obtain a relatively standard tone, without having to Troubled for poor balance
There is also a Bluetooth switch on the operation panel of the SA-25 speaker.When Bluetooth is activated, you can use the Bluetooth function of your phone to directly connect to the speaker. When we plan to put on an accompaniment to sing, or take a picnic, we will take it to the side. It is also a good choice.
On the back of the speaker, we still prepare Aux IN for Line Out, headphone jack and external media input. When you need to mute practice or output to a larger PA system, recording can meet your basic needs.
The weight of the A-25 is only 5KG, and a small strap is included. A portable bracket is also installed at the bottom of the speaker, which can adjust the speaker to a better listening angle. The power supply system with low battery protection determines that the battery of the SA-25 speaker will have a relatively long life. When you are fully charged, the SA-25 can work continuously for about 4 hours.

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