Infinite Minute #2: 2012 - Mayans and Planets and Flares - OH MY!

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You'll need to really turn up your volume to get the joke. This played well on my computer, but I can barely hear the Jaws music on a laptop.
Can you guess which part of this I narrated?
Well Space Fans, I've been looking into this whole 2012 thing like you asked and have written several scripts that deal with each of the main points of the whole 2012 thing.
To put it kindly, most of the 2012 analyses I've read and listened to are incomplete and full of biases, but I'll address that in other videos.
As always on the Deep Astronomy channel, we Space Fans are interested in perspective. Here is my first attempt to provide perspective for you.
If I get one email from someone worrying about the Earth getting swallowed by a black hole... well... just don't, OK? I may lose all faith in humanity...
Remember Space Fans, always think for yourself. Whomever you let do it for you will not do as good a job.
I know that Dr. Kaku does not support any of the 2012 hype. I know that. He knows that. But do you think people who are trying to get accurate information about 2012 (and who don't know of him) know that?
The point I was trying to make is that Dr. Kaku's words are being used against him. He does not support any of the theories on this topic, yet they are being distorted in a way that make it seem like he does.
I think he made a big mistake doing this interview and saying things the way he did. I was able to make him look like a 2012 supporter in just a few seconds.
He is a good scientist, and I respect him very much, but he needs to be very careful how he says things on this topic.
This interview is a symbol of the central problem with 2012: people pick and choose what they want to hear that support their analysis and ignore the rest.
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