Ireland’s Cliffs of Moher, complete visit

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This complete visit to the Cliffs of Moher combines several earlier movies into one in-depth visit. You are going to discover the best way to visit the Cliffs of Moher along the wild west coast of Ireland, the country's most popular natural attraction – spectacular sea cliffs 700 feet high, dropping vertically into the Atlantic Ocean, with a trail along the edge and numerous vistas from which you can enjoy it.
We' re going to show you some of the best angles, with tips so that you can get the most out of your experience. Whether you're just watching it now, or hopefully, going there yourself in person. As you can see, it's an amazing destination.
Not only is it a visual feast but it's a real physical experience of being here at the edge of a cliff, and yes, you can go right up to the edge.
You need to be very careful. Don't get too close to the edge, and watch your footing, but you will be fine. Take your time. Sit down and soak in the view.
We're showing the vista from the south side of the visitor center and there's also the view from the north side of the visitor center, so you have two different angles to enjoy it from; and depending on the lighting and time of day, one angle is usually better than the other one. The most enjoyable strategy when visiting is be sure you have at least one hour, so that you can experience both viewpoints, starting at the visitor center then up the main steps, then later take a left and walk along the cliff.
On the map you'll see the route that most people start with, passing the visitor center and going up those stairs, and then head south where you get to walk along the cliff and get a different experience altogether, which is usually more spectacular than that first viewpoint.
We shall explain the details of this routing with these illustrated arrows, the blue arrow pointing up those main steps, and the red arrow pointing towards the cliff walk we will get to in a minute, but first let's take you up that main vista. It's a bit uphill, but there is an efficient series of steps and ramps that will bring you right up there, up to O'Brien's Tower.
From here you get a really commanding view looking at that classic lineup, right out of a postcard. However at midday, sometimes the lighting from this side is not so great. In late afternoon it's fine, but at midday when most people visit, you also want to go around to the south side.
Just continue along the path and you'll soon find better lighting at the cliff's edge.
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