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We are RC YouTubers with an on-line RC Store. Each we week we post a video of a RC car bash, review or just us breaking stuff. We are 99% Stupid, 1% Fast! (+Dad Jokes sorry, NOT) We believe you should get outside and Go Hard or Go Home, but have FUN doing it! My goal is to encourage kids to get off electronics and do something that is fun and encourages some thinking and outside play. RC can be a rich kids hobby but these days you can get started with a lot of "Sensibly priced RC gear" that is loads of fun. This stuff is much cheaper than name brand gear, that said we would never claim it was the same quality. This is our store page here to get you started For promotional opportunities or YouTube company consulting work contact us here; "Every toy is a piece of inert plastic until a person brings it to life" Unknown. Write to us here StupidFastRC, PO BOX 7250, Spearwood, Western Australia 6163

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